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Party Bus and Limo Bus Directory 

It became abundantly clear that it was necessary to provide our clients across the U.S. with a directory for all the party bus and limo bus companies that actually have these vehicles, in the city in which they are searching.

We found that in visiting other cities, there was a gap between the companies that actually had the vehicle we were looking for and companies that just promoted other companies party bus or limo bus.

There was nothing wrong with the cross promotion however it lead to some confusion and sometimes delays in actually finding the party bus or limo bus that we were looking for.

So presto! The idea was born to start this directory so people would be able to actually go right to the city, state and find exactly what they needed in a party bus or limo bus and not waste time searching the internet, opening endless sites only to wait to receive a call back later at a later time.

For all of you that have run into this problem we hope this directory will get you your information with a couple of clicks and on your way to a great evening out in either a
great party bus or limo bus of your choice!

Simply click the state and find the city you are looking for.  We are in the process of building this directory, so please be patient if you don't find your information immediately.

Please call the companies that are listed for your area directly, we don't take reservations or emails from anyone other than party bus or limo bus operators.

Party Bus - Limo Bus Directory